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RESOURCES for your Nervous System
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New to Somatics? Start with this introductory explanation.

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Somatic Exercises:

The following videos guide you through somatic exercises you can use anytime to support nervous system regulation.


Floating in RelaxationJana M Smith
00:00 / 08:01

Floating in Relaxation is a guided visualization that will transport you to a calming experience at the beach. When we use our senses and our imagination, our brain generates positive neurochemistry to shift the the nervous system out of stress and into a state of balance. Find a comfortable quiet place where you won't be interrupted, and as you listen, imagine yourself in the scene.

Preparing for SleepJana M Smith
00:00 / 06:31

Preparing for Sleep is designed to guide you into a state of nervous system regulation before bed. It is best to prepare by getting comfortable in your sleeping space before you begin. Let go of your day, receive permission to relax, and experience gratitude as you wind down for a night of rest.

Neurofit logo.JPG

NEUROFIT is a neuroscience-based somatic and wellness app that helps reduce stress and increase resilience. 

The full app requires a subscription, however, you can try out the feature that matches you with a custom somatic exercise here for free. (No download required). If you wish to use the full app, click here to get 20% off your subscription. 

Neurofit App
Neurofit App
Neurofit App
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