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CEDAR: Rooted and Resilient

Engaging in resilience work is like planting and nourishing a tree. The acronym CEDAR defines the strengths that emerge as a result of cultivating a healthy nervous system.

CALM: An ability to experience moments of internal peace and a sense of being present in life.

ELEVATED: Access to positive and uplifting emotional states such as joy, gratitude and excitement.

DIFFERENTIATED: Healthily buffered from others’ emotional states so that when they are struggling, you can remain steady.

ATTUNED: Empowered to show up for others with genuine empathy and emotional reciprocation from a place of maturity and strength.

REGULATED: Operating from a balanced nervous system.

CEDAR: Rooted and Regulated

The CEDAR Strengths Framework provides an easy to follow roadmap for nervous system regulation using both mind-based and body-based tools. Interested in getting more regulated? Learn the Framework and get real-time support by signing up for Jana's 8-week course.


How do I build resilience?

CEDAR: Rooted and Regulated

Want daily support? An easy place to start is with the NEUROFIT App, a neuroscience based tool for optimizing and measuring nervous system health on a daily basis.

You are not required to use the app in order to work with Jana.

Cost of the NEUROFIT App:

$35.99 for 3 months of access

$99 for 12 months of access

Benefits of the NEUROFIT App:

-Helps you learn to assess your nervous system state

-Pairs you with custom somatic exercises to shift you into nervous system balance

-Educates you about your nervous system with articles that each take just one minute to read

-Provides AI coaching to help you process resistance and emotions as they arise

-Tracks your data so you can see your successes

-Allows you to share app data with Jana so that she can customize coaching input

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